Who These?

This pic of Yoni is the work of our talented friend Noa Bassel.

Yoni Zabow Sinay

A dungeon master since 2020. Yoni started customising and leading role-playing adventures for friends and teams with the conviction to demonstrate dungeons and dragons are a seriously fun time for grown-ups too.

He’s also a comic books expert who used to write a column articulating what makes them great. As a pop-culture enthusiast, he was a regular on the Movies R Us Podcast.

Contact him for your next personally customised D&D adventure:

Liron Sinay Zabow

A culture journalist turned blogger and brand strategist. Liron writes and talks about films and other pop and art texts that make her think about the way we interpret the world we live in.

Writing her film reviews and thoughts on Srita, and going deeper on her BA and MA in film and literature she has developed a taste for horror, thrillers, sci-fi and fantasy, mostly yet not only gender-related (isn’t everything though?), as well as challenging herself with texts that push parenting buttons. She’s also an RPG player.

Contact her for writing or talking about Film and pop life:

So is this pic of Liron. We are night birds.

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