New Punisher Podcast – in a new Format!

Look, obviously if we’d record our brand new Things with Words Podcast episode you could hear me cheering for James Gunn. Disney’s decision to re-hire him is definitely one of the most Yay moments of this week. Did I write week? I mean month, year and beyond! It’s not only the fact that we’ll get a Suicide Squad film people are actually anticipating, and his Guardians 3 film. It’s the fact that this decision speaks volumes and maybe, just maybe will regain some ever so needed proportions and sanity to twitter. Or you know what, at least it got Gunn sort of back there:


But I’m digressing. Anyway, Yoni Zabow – a comics expert (for real, he used to write an in-depth column about them) and I are thrilled to share with you our new episode and format. We talk about everything pop-culture-y, starting with bite-size impressions of things we’ve experienced lately. These include the Michael Jackson backlash, Dream Theater’s new album and more. Each of them gets a Yay or Nay response from us, plus an explanation, obviously.

Then we get to our main event. This episode we dig into Punisher season 2, analyzing it by answering these questions: which characters got to us,  what cinematic elements we liked, what we would change, what made us cringe and finally our overall impression.

Click here to join the conversation, or simply find us at any podcast app you like.

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